I Have Been a Very Bad Girl

To talk in cliche's, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Also, life gets in the way when you're making plans. My favorite - shit happens. Instead of losing weight, I've gained more. Unless you've had a significant weight problem, it is hard for people to empathize with the massive weight gain. When you're big, it's really, really easy to gain more without noticing. If you're wearing stretchy or comfort fit trousers all ready, they still fit. They just get a bit shorter. Same with shirts. Did I actually *know* I was gaining weight. Well, yes, I'm not stupid. But I'm great at denial. I think most people with weight problems are. So, I am considering my options right now. But I am making myself go back to the gym, as I've registered for a 5K run in September. So, I'm baaaack. And I will shed some pounds.  
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